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Included in the century phrase these days is more relevant than ever: even in a large metropolitan area is difficult to find two absolutely identical people, and the variety available in the market plays in this fashion is not the last role. However, it should be noted that the quality of the discharged to the shops and markets products do not always correspond to the stated price: branded stuff very often counterfeited and disguised as genuine.

Our company offers wholesale clothing stock for those who want to sell their customers a truly high quality products of leading brands at attractive prices, not while remaining at a loss. We are talking about unclaimed clothing for marketing reasons. Due to fierce competition manufacturers and retailers are forced to change very often the collection, to develop his own unique style and constantly implement new design ideas. Often, style or size of goods does not meet the needs and preferences of the population of the region, in which he acts. There are cases, the manufacturer code is a lot of excess raw material that is not needed under the existing orders. In order not to be too high costs of sew it exactly the same clothes on already-established technology and sell it wholesale to stock centers. And sometimes there is a situation in which the products appeared on the market is at its peak, at the forefront of the latest fashion trends, while products from other factories remain in the shadows. The quality of the garment is no doubt, but the price for it - is much lower. In addition to clothing stock from leading European and US manufacturers we receive great shoes and great accessories.


Our company offers to supply wholesale shipments of apparel stock. All products in the warehouse in Miami, Florida. This product is in the boxes on pallets. Specific unit of the goods - a pallet.